Senten Horsefood

Senten Horsefood offers you high quality feed produced in the Netherlands.
Production meets all international standards including HACCP and GMP+.
We participate in the TRUST FEED programme.
The range is carefully developed and consists of an assortment of pelleted feed, cereal mixes and various supplements.

For over forty years "HORSEFOOD THE BEST" has strived to provide the best quality available for an affordable price.
This effort is rewarded by the fact that internationally famous dressage-riders Edward Gal and Hans-Peter Minderhoud have been feeding our products for several years now.
Also Tim Lips (eventing) and Matthias Alexander Rath made the choice to feed all their horses with HORSEFOOD "the best".
Feeding with our products guarantees you a healthy, vital and satisfied horse.

Reduce quantity by feeding quality !

What makes HORSEFOOD THE BEST products so special?

All vitamins in our feed are coated because during pelleting and storage the nutrional value can diminish.
By coating, the vitamins are kept more stable and values are kept for a longer period of time.

For a shiny coat and better hoof quality biotin is added.
For wellbeing and natural resistance to disease natural herbs, organic zinc and organic copper are added.
This form of copper is easily absorbed into the blood stream therby preventing unnecessary strain to the digestive system and several organs.
The addition of organic copper can help prevent joint disorders such as osteochondrosis dissecans.

A selection of the HORSEFOOD "the best" range is now available in Portugal. Please contact your feed supplier or click here for more information.

We offer you: